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Gutter Installation in Charlotte NC

GP Gutters Inc, provides to homeowners with quality Gutter Installation, Repairs and Cleaning Services. As a manufacturer, we specialize in choosing the best materials to offer products of excellent quality.

We served in the following areas: Charlotte,  Huntersville, Waxhaw, Pineville, Monroe, Matthews (and more areas).

Why Are Gutters so Important?

Why Are Gutters so Important?
Why Are Gutters so Important?
Why Are Gutters so Important?

Currently the weather unexpectedly brings us abundant rain. It is for that reason, that our houses must be prepared with gutters in optimal conditions. In other words, the gutters are the ones that will keep our house in good condition. If your house does not have gutters or are in poor condition, it will come very expensive and serious problems.
The gutters keep the water away from your home. The heavy rains can bring havoc to your siding, windows, doors and foundations. Therefore, if there are no gutters in your house, the water will accumulate and cause many problems.

Seamless and Sectional Gutters


These gutters have been assembled from different dimensions. Then, they are cut to fit the dimensions of your roof. Each piece is attached through connectors to fit perfectly to your home. However, although they are easy to install, there are some disadvantages: Run leak risks in each place where a connector is installed. In addition, it is necessary to periodically check that they are in good condition.



These gutters are made in one piece instead of several sections. These seamless gutters only have connections in downspouts and corners. This guarantees that they are very resistant and that they do not produce leaks in strong storms. But unfortunately it has some drawbacks: they are more expensive than the sectionals, but it is worthwhile to be calm in case of a storm. In addition, you need an expert in installation of gutters as they require specialized equipment.

Gutters Guards

You can keep from constantly having to clean out your gutters when you install gutter guards, but choosing the right kind can be tricky. We have at least two types of most used guards: Screen and Fine Mesh.


The most common type are screen guards that are available in a number of sizes and materials and work well to keep out large items such as leaves. Unfortunately, this will allow smaller debris to enter, and homeowners have to remove the screens to then clean out the gutters. They also get clogged easily when too much debris rests on top of the screens. They are very easy to install, however, and can be either dropped in your gutter or gently slid up and underneath your shingles.

Fine Mesh

These are similar to screen guards, but do a great job at keeping out even small debris. Only tiny debris like shingle grit will be able to block these screen, so while they do need a little regular cleaning, it won’t be as intensive as it will with screen guards. You can slide them under the shingles like screen guards, or screw them into the fascia, creating a stronger gutter and helping it hold up to major weather problems. Look for fine mesh guards that are made from stainless steel so they won’t be easily damaged.

GP Gutters inc
GP Gutters inc

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GP Gutter Installation

Our gutter installation service, provides a product with quality finish and guaranteed. To achieve that, we use the best materials on the market.


A properly functioning piping system will collect the water and channel it out of the house. If it does not work properly, it will bring very expensive damage.


GP Gutter INC

The neglected gutters transport heavy debris that will accumulate over time, in addition to stagnant water.


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